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EES is a widely recognized leader in the field of combustion enhancement and emissions reduction technology. Whatever your clean coal needs may be, EES brings state-of-the-art technology and a quarter century of experience to the assignment. EES. Comprehensive clean coal solutions.

_DSC7512EES can help you boost combustion efficiency for coal or fuel, get enhanced emission-reduction technology, and benefit from our industry-defining chemical innovations. We help utility and power plants in the U.S. and across the globe:


See how our full line of products, services, and expertise can support your plant with: fuel flexibility, combustion efficiency, mercury remediation for MATS compliance, NOx reduction for Regional Haze regulations, and reducing acid gases. such as SO3. Our commitment to the newest technologies and innovation is demonstrated through advanced chemistry, far-reaching services, and leading-edge solutions.

We begin by analyzing and evaluating your plant and fuel characteristics. Our technical support team will establish true baselines and conduct diagnostic testing to support product performance. We work with you to establish critical goals, manage, refine, and achieve cleaner, more-efficient results.

Contact us or call 203-270-0337 for a free consultation.

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EES and Duke Energy recently presented a paper entitled, “A STUDY ON THE DECREASE OF MERCURY RE-EMISSION AND REMEDIATION FROM WET FGD ABSROBERS USING KLEENSCRUB MERCURY PRECIPITANT TECHNOLOGY”, which was presented at the EERC Air Quality VIII conference held in Arlington, VA in October of 2013. The purpose of the KLeeNscrub Mercury Re-emission mitigation study was to assess Environmental Energy Services’ (EES) KLeeNscrub additive’s ability to decrease mercury re-emission from the FGD absorber. The trial’s goal was to demonstrate a reduction in FGD mercury re-emission to maintain a comfortable margin below the 1.2 lbs/TBTU 2015 MACT mercury emission limit. The results show that the KLeeNscrub chemical supplied by EES was successfully able to reduce total stack mercury below the MATS mercury emission limit.