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Boiler Additives & Custom Slag Reducing Reagents

Specialty Boiler Additives: CoalTreat Optimizes Boiler Performance

Improve Industrial Boiler maintenance and optimization with our efficient pre combustion coal additive treatment solution EES provides a full suite of specialty boiler additives formulated to enhance the performance and efficiency of coal, oil, and biomass- fired utility and industrial boilers. The optimum additive or blend is designed specifically for each boiler based on fuel, boiler operating conditions, and performance requirements.

Custom Reagents Tailored to Reduce Slagging

Current market conditions require O&M cost reductions to improve competitiveness and increase operational run-time.  Cost saving strategies often include burning lower rank, higher sulfur and higher ash coals. These opportunity fuels increase boiler slagging, reducing heat transfer and contributing to costly tube wastage.  The proper application of specialty formulated anti-slagging and anti-fouling additives can mitigate most of the factors that add O&M cost to operations, leading to fewer forced outages.

CoalTreat® is a customized fuel treatment specifically designed to reduce slagging in coal fired boilers by adjusting ash characteristics. It is applied to the fuel pre-combustion, and is tailored to meet the plant’s specific operating, environmental, and economic objectives. Key benefits include:
Significant Boiler Slag Mitigation using CoalTreat

  • Increased fuel flexibility allowing burning of lower-cost opportunity fuels
  • Heat rate improvement reduces the cost of fuel purchases
  • Reduced slag and heat transfer surface wastage reduces the number and duration of forced and unforced outages
  • Increased power output from improved heat transfer reduces or eliminates derating

CoalTreat® reagents are applied pre-combustion to adjust fuel chemistry and are highly effective for solving furnace slag problems

CoalTreat® On-Demand

CoalTreat® On-Demand is an innovative portable delivery system for our proven anti-slagging additives. The system provides on demand CoalTreat® delivery to eliminate slag issues during high risk operating periods. The modular design provides rapid deployment of single or multiple units depending on coal types. CoalTreat® On-Demand system provides delivery of single or multiple CoalTreat® additives in a fully PLC controlled ISO Tank Container system with pumps, tank agitation, insulation and heat tracing.

EES Additive Solutions


CoalTreat® is an innovative customized fuel chemistry solution that mitigates furnace slagging and heat transfer surface fouling


Opacitrol™ combustion catalyst increases carbon burnout and reduces particulate emissions MH Series™ are magnesium-based solutions mitigating SO3 emissions, slagging, and fouling in oil-fired boilers thereby improving heat transfer and reducing air emissions


AddChem™ additives improve heat transfer and reduce surface corrosion caused by acid gases, such as HCl and SO3