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Rick Nowak, President & CEO
Rick Nowak has over 36 years of specialty chemical marketing and environmental consulting experience Rick’s leadership at EES supplies a breadth of experience in slag control, SO2, SO3 and Opacity mitigation. Under his leadership, EES has gained an excellent reputation in the utility market by providing top-notch technical services and quality application (dosage) systems in addition to the chemical(s) selected to perform at a customer’s plant.


Mark Keffer, Executive Vice President
Mark Keffer joined EES, Inc. in 2010 to grow our internal sales force and manage the expanding Sales Channel Partner network. He has been involved in sales, marketing and technical service of Industrial and Utility chemical programs for over 35 years. Mark has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh and post graduate work in Management Information Systems.


Mark Pastore, VP, Technology
Mark Pastore is VP, Technology for EES, Inc. Mr. Pastore has been an expert in the field of fossil fuel treatment for acid gas emissions, slagging and fouling for 20 years. He has been instrumental in the deployment of EES CoalTreat Programs at several large coal fired power plants. Mark has several patents for the CoalTreat  and KLeeNscrub technology platforms and holds a BS in Chemistry from SUNY College at Purchase.


Robert Santangeli, VP, Operations & Engineering
Rob Santangeli provides combustion and air pollution control expertise developed from over 20 years of experience serving power industry clients, worldwide. Mr. Santangeli is responsible for technology development and engineering of combustion and emissions control systems. His expertise includes the design of solid, liquid, and gaseous fuel burners, as well as the design and optimization of a multitude of APC technologies. Robert has patented SCR technologies, publishes regularly, is a graduate of Manhattan College, NY and is professionally licensed.