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Boiler Optimization and Tuning

Field Services

Boiler Optimization and Tuning

 EES Boiler Optimization provides lower NOx emissions and improved efficiency

EES airflow testing identifies maldistributions in each burner as well as burner to burner imbalances and when performed in conjunction with fuel flow balancing, ensures that the fuel air distributions are optimal and that excess O2 is minimized.  Operation with reduced excess O2 provides lower NOx emissions and improved efficiency.

EES and STEP Combustion Group provide an array of boiler optimization and tuning services for:

  • Improved heat rate (excess O2, CO and LOI reduction)
  • Reduced NOx emissions
  • Reduced ammonia slip
  • Improved low load performance

For multi-burner furnaces we also recommend air-fuel balancing to improve heat rate and reliability while decreasing pollutant emissions.

Air and Fuel Balancing

As a complement to our boiler optimization services, we offer fuel-air balancing for multi-burner applications.

Combustion issues are often a result of poor burner to burner fuel-air balancing or maldistributions within individual burners. EES has expertise with fuel-air measurement and balancing with a wide range of fuels including: Coal, Oil, Gas, and Biomass. EES’ STEP Combustion Group also offers aero and fluid dynamic expertise, modeling (computational and physical) and experience with all burner manufacturers including Alstom-Combustion Engineering, Doosan, Foster Wheeler, B&W, Riley, Babcock Power as well as after-market burners.