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MH Series

Boiler Performance Optimization

Boiler Performance Optimization

Water Treatment

Air Pollution Control

Burners & Fuel Conversions

MH SeriesMH Series is a solution for SO3 slagging and fouling

The MH Series employs customized Magnesium based chemical solution to address SOslagging and fouling issues for a range of oil fired units improving heat transfer efficiency and reducing air emissions.

Key benefits of MH Series

  • Mitigates slagging and fouling improving unit reliability (increased runtime)
  • Reduced soot blowing in the unit
  • Improved heat transfer efficiency improving unit capacity
  • Reduced SO3, ABS, and acid gas mitigation

Fuel supply and regulatory standards continually present new and unique challenges for boiler operations. EES is able to provide technologies to accommodate your plant and meet these challenges.