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Innovative Chemistry & Engineering Solutions Improving Boiler Efficiency, Emissions and Water Recovery from Industrial & Energy Plants

About EES Corp

EES is a clean energy company utilizing innovative chemistry and engineering for energy efficiency and pollution control. EES provides combustion enhancement, boiler performance optimization, emissions reduction, and water treatment technology to energy facilities across the globe. >>

EES also owns Delta Measurement & Combustion Controls LLC (DMCCO).

EES acquired Novinda’s Amended Silicate Technology for Mercury Control.

Case Studies

EES© CoalTreat™ technology for controlling slag in PRB boilers

EES conducted a successful demonstration on a 750MW tangential fired PC boiler using EES© CoalTreat™ technology for controlling slag in PRB boilers.

Burner Upgrades & Fuel Conversion

Boiler conversion to natural gas (with dual fuel capabilities) to reduce NOx emissions. NOx was reduced 80% firing gas with IFGR while reducing CO.

Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction SNCR Injectors

EES/STEP Combustion achieved a 39% NOx reduction on 2 x 400 MW unit, burning sub-bituminous coal with 35% ash content. The SNCR system achieved the 39% NOx Reduction with < 5 ppm ammonia slip with only 4 injectors.