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Engineering Services

Mechanical, Chemical, and Structural Engineering for complex power plant issues

Engineering Services

EES provides a wide array of engineering and technical services to our global customer base. Through mechanical, chemical, structural, and other engineering professionals we provide multi-disciplinary support for complex problems associated with fossil fuel combustion, air pollution control equipment, water treatment and more.

STEP/EES relies on our extensive industry experience to provide engineering evaluations and studies for:

  • Waste water treatment evaluations/studies
  • Mercury Capture and Emissions (wet and dry scrubbers)
  • Combustion and NOx Reduction Evaluations
  • Boiler Tuning and Efficiency Optimization
  • Air Audits
  • Slagging and Efficiency
  • Mercury Capture and Emissions

Fuel Switching and Feasibility

We offer coal-to-gas, and coal-to-biomass fuel switching studies and bring extensive experience in biomass cofiring and natural gas conversion projects. Our scope typically involves:

  • Burner modification or retrofit
  • Fuel properties & furnace combustion analysis
  • Application of in-furnace combustion control, SNCR and SCR technologies
  • FEGT, Steam Temperature and Boiler efficiency analysis
  • Slagging & corrosion formation, fouling and agglomeration studies

Piping Analyses

STEP/EES has provided transient hydraulic analysis of complex fluid systems including:

  • Supply piping and return fuel piping
  • Atomizing Steam and Steam purge
  • Pneumatically conveyed solids

Analyses have been used to optimize and troubleshoot pressure and flow issues, optimize geometries and minimize losses, valve timing, and process sequencing.

Structural Analyses

EES has provided onsite evaluation and diagnostic testing to evaluate and mitigate  boiler and equipment vibration.  When evaluating combustion induced vibration,  the relationship of flame front frequencies,structural resonant frequencies, and the resultant amplifications and vibration, must be understood.  Through evaluation and analysis we have identified  root causes of vibration and implemented engineered solutions for mitigation.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

EES also offers Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for heat transfer and structural analysis problem solving utilizing advanced engineering and mathematical physics.  FEA uses a variety of methods from the calculus of variations to approximate a solution while minimizing error. It is an invaluable computational tool for performing engineering analysis which includes the use of mesh generation techniques dividing complex problems into small elements utilizing specialized algorithms.