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Industrial boilers around the world are looking to improve boiler performance, maximize fuel flexibility and reduce NOx, SO2 and Mercury emissions. EES offers state-of-the-art technologies and innovative solutions towards meeting these objectives using the EES and STEP Combustion proprietary technologies for a range of industrial applications such as cement, pulp & paper mills, mining, chemical processing, petrochemical plants and refineries.

EES has several years of experience and know-how in the design, manufacture, and installation of fuel additive technologies, fuel conversions, SO2 and NOx emission control technologies enabling our customers meet the latest regulations such as CSAPR, MACT, NAAQS, and NSR. Our scope ranges from the supply of nozzles, burners to a complete turnkey system for our customers.


CoalTreat offers Boiler Slag Mitigation and enables greater fuel flexibility for economic & regulatory benefit

Pre-combustion fuel additive used to mitigate problems attributed to furnace slagging, and heat transfer surface fouling

MH Series


Magnesium based chemical solution to address slagging and fouling issues for a range of oil fired units


Reduce Acid Gas Corrosion with custom AddChem additives

A suite of additives and engineered processes designed for reducing corrosion and slagging associated with burning biomass fuels alone or cofiring with coal or other fuels. These products may also be used to reduce SO3 emissions by up to 70% from coal-fired power plants



Fuel oil additive to improve carbon burnout and reduce PM emissions in utility & industrial boilers


KLeeNwater enables treatment & recycling of wastewaters for re-use/minimizing discharge wastewater to Zero Liquid Discharge

Proprietary process to treat and recycle wastewaters for re-use or minimize discharge wastewater to ZLD


Mercury Capture Additives KLEENSCRUB and KLEEN-OX for MATS compliance

Suite of mercury control additives for enhanced mercury oxidation, precipitation, and capture in wet and dry flue gas desulfurization systems

Combustion Controls

Engineered Solutions for Combustion-based NOx Emission Control

Economical step wise approach to NOx emission reduction and improved combustion efficiency from utility & industrial boilers


Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction SNCR Probes Reduce NOx Emissions

SNCR systems use urea or ammonia to reduce NOx by up to 40% on conventional boilers and 70% on CFB


Selective Catalytic Reduction SCR can Reduce NOx Emissions by up to 90%

SCR systems reduce NOx by 90%+ from boilers with a catalyst and an injected reagent such as ammonia or urea

Burners & Fuel Conversion

Burner Upgrades allow gas and multiple fuel conversions for both fuel co-firing and complete fuel conversion applications

Cost effective Low NOx burner modifications & upgrades for new or existing coal, gas, oil or biomass boilers

Combustion Analyzers


Our analyzers measure CO, O2, NO, and more, assist in improving combustion and reducing NOx, loss-on-ignition (LOI), and slagging.