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Boiler Performance Optimization


Opacitrol is a custom manufactured specialty chemical pure metallic solution used as a combustion catalyst in oil-fired utility and industrial boilers. Combustion catalysts are considered the most effective fuel oil additives to improve carbon burnout and reduce particulate emissions. Opacitrol contains the highest concentration of molecular calcium possible in an aqueous solution, and has proven to be reducing PM emissions and stack opacity.  Other benefits of Opacitrol include a reduction of furnace exit SO3 levels, and increased pH of fly ash.

EES has pioneered a patented program, “EES Co-Treat™”,  wherein Opacitrol is combined with EES’ MH Series magnesium stabilized slurries to significantly reduce slagging, fouling, NOx emissions, further reduce PM emissions, and as well as promoting fly ash carbon remediation.

Most fuel additive programs treat corrosion with excess addition of magnesium, but excess magnesium often leads to deposit build up on tubes especially with high sulfur fuels. EES Co-Treat™ adjusts this deficiency by combining Opacitrol as a co-additive. Improving the burning of carbon and reducing oxygen levels has a profound effect on lowering acid formation with a positive effect on reducing corrosion.