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EES AddChem is a custom product suite of additives specifically designed for reducing corrosion due to acid gases such as HCl & SO3 and condensed alkali chlorides in biomass fired boilers. When used in coal fired power plants, the AddChem products may reduce up to 70% of SO3 emissions by applying the chemical on the coal prior to combustion. Reducing SO3 formation in the furnace improves the performance of air preheaters by reducing acid deposition, subsequent ash deposition and corrosion.  Also, stack blue plume and opacity issues associated with SO3 are mitigated.

Many coal fired power plants utilize Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) to remove acid gases including SO3 from flue gases.  DSI adds capital and operating costs associated with procurement, storage, handling, and injection of expensive dry sorbents such as Trona or sodium bicarbonate. Dry sorbents can also impact the salability of fly ash.  By contrast, AddChem avoids these costs and concerns.

Biomass fuels may contain high levels of alkali chlorides which are known to cause corrosion, slagging and fouling deposits in boilers including stoker and CFB type boilers.  AddChem products and engineered processes will mitigate the problems associated with alkali chlorides including potassium (K) and sodium (Na).

Key Benefits of AddChem

  • Effective SO3 reduction of up to 70% in coal fired applications
  • Reduced capital expenditure for equipment installation compared to DSI
  • Low operational expenditure and maintenance
  • Mitigates Air Preheater corrosion
  • Improve Activated Carbon Injection performance by reducing furnace generated SO3
  • Results in zero impact on salable flyash
  • Reduce corrosion due to alkali chloride deposition in biomass fired applications including wood chips, pellets, straw, switchgrass, sawgrass, palm shells, etc.

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