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Mercury Capture Additives for Coal Power PlantsKLeeNscrub is a suite of highly efficient organosulfide-based precipitants for mercury capture in wet and dry flue gas desulfurization systems.  Additionally, these additives remediate other heavy metals of concern within power plant waste waters including lead, copper, cobalt, cadmium, zinc, iron and other metals thereby preventing contamination of soil and/or ground water.

Environmental Energy Services, Inc. continues to expand commercial sales of  KLeeNscrub mercury precipitant for MATS compliance.  The technology is based on an easy to maintain injection system that applies the reagent either through one of the recirculation lines feeding absorber sprays or directly into the absorber slurry reservoir.  The injection equipment includes a control system to monitor the amount of precipitant in the absorber slurry using a sulfide specific ion electrode.  This is an effective tool for controlling dosage and predicting mercury removal performance.  KLeeNscrub has proven its effectiveness in controlling mercury reemission and reducing overall mercury levels at the stack with all coal types in a variety of scrubber conditions.  KLeeNscrub is supplied in both tote and bulk tank truck quantities.

Key Benefits of KLeeNscrub

  • Mercury reduction is competitive with sorbents such as activated carbon without the concerns of re-emission
  • Highly economical when used in combination with proper scrubber operating conditions
  • Captures & remediates additional metals: lead, copper, thallium, cobalt, cadmium, nickel, zinc, iron, silver, tin
  • Efficient mercury precipitation mechanism prevents re-emission
  • Non-corrosive and non-hazardous; manufactured in the USA
  • Large, stable precipitant for easy removal of solids, passes TCLP and thermally stable for wall board processing
  • EES can formulate KLeeNscrub additive packages to customize mercury partitioning and solids handling
  • KLeeNscrub application equipment is inexpensive and easy to maintain
Mercury Capture Additives
Mercury Capture Additives


KLeeN-Ox is a suite of highly efficient mercury oxidation additives.  Mercury oxidation depends on several factors, including the halogen content of the coal and whether or not the plant has an SCR with enhanced Hg oxidation catalyst technology.  In the case of PRB or Lignite coal, natural oxidation is sometimes difficult and an additive is needed to promote oxidation during combustion.

A common additive is calcium bromide which is covered by competitive patents. The bromine is corrosive in the flue gas and also promotes issues with residual bromine in the FGD wastewater systems and discharge.

Environmental Energy Services, Inc. introduces KLeeN-Ox for Hg oxidation.  KLeeN-Ox products are patented and licensed to EES.

Key benefits of KLeeN-Ox

  • Royalty free patented technology
  • More cost effective as compared to current oxidants
  • Less corrosive as applied to the fuel prior to combustion or in SNCR/SCR applications
  • Soluble in Urea or Aqua Ammonia for SNCR/SCR application

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