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CFD Modeling

An Example of Computational Fluid Dynamics - CFD Modeling

Economizer Outlet Emissions Grid for a 800+ MW Utility Boiler

EES and the STEP Combustion group extensively use CFD modeling (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to measure and understand aero and fluid dynamics as well as reaction chemistries associated with combustion and pollutant generation and reduction.

CFD modeling is regularly used to evaluate:

  • Burner and combustion system performance and emissions
  • SNCR NOx reductions
  • Boiler fouling and slagging
  • Losses, velocities and heat transfer
  • Reaction chemistry

STEP Combustion is a specialized provider of in-furnace and post-combustion Air Pollution Control technologies for energy facilitiesSTEP uses various leading CFD modeling codes such as Ansys, Consol, Autodesk as well as in-house developed proprietary code for specific reaction modeling.