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February 23, 2017 | 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Correcting Coal Ash Chemistry with CoalTreat Leads to Improved Boiler Operations

This webinar will help you make informed decisions about correcting fuel and coal ash chemistry to improve boiler performance and maximize fuel flexibility.

Fuel flexibility is essential for coal fired power plants to remain competitive in today’s power generation market. It is an effective way to both reduce generating costs and meet environmental regulations. Consequently, many coal fired power plants are taking advantage of low-cost, non-design, high sulfur coals such as ILB and NAP, while others are blending PRB coal to comply with stringent Hg and acid gas reductions mandated by MATS. Utilizing opportunity fuels offers tremendous economic and regulatory benefits, however, each of these coal choices bring a host of challenges associated with boiler slagging and fouling that impact unit operations.

CoalTreat®, a fuel chemistry innovation developed by Environmental Energy Services (EES), has proven highly effective in mitigating problems attributed to furnace slagging, and heat transfer surface fouling.  CoalTreatis applied to the fuel pre-combustion,  customized to each plant’s fuels and specific objectives, and has been successfully deployed on several large fleet coal-fired units in the United States for many years resulting in:

  • Increased heat rate (efficiency) with improved heat transfer and reduced boiler exit gas temperature
  • Improved soot-blower performance and reduced forced outages (slag and tube wastage related outages)
  • Improved  MW output through reducing or eliminating  high load de-rating

In this informative webinar, Mark Pastore, Vice President Technology for EES, will review key elements that power plants must consider when using pre-combustion applied additives to correct fuel chemistry, improve boiler operations, reduce emissions and maximize fuel economics. Topics presented will include:

  • Fuel chemistry and how CoalTreat programs reduce slagging and fouling in coal-fired boilers
  • Improvements in heat transfer efficiency associated with reduced fouling of boiler surfaces
  • CoalTreat impact on ABS formation and removal of SO3 and acid gas
  • High Temperature Probe (HTP) testing, visual boiler inspections and plant DCS data to evaluate and optimize the performance of CoalTreat®
  • Expected ROI using CoalTreat® for coal fired power plants

Additionally, a case study will be discussed citing the performance, fuel flexibility, economics, and payback for a CoalTreat® program installed on a 680 MW unit firing ILB coal.



Mark Pastore | VP Technology | Environmental Energy Services


Mark Pastore is VP Clean Coal Solutions for EES, Inc. Mr. Pastore has been an expert in the field of fossil fuel treatment for acid gas emissions, slagging and fouling for 20 years. He has been  instrumental in the deployment of EES Coal Treat Programs at several large coal fired power plants. Mark holds a BS in Chemistry from SUNY College at Purchase.