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KLeeNwater minimizes discharge of waste water to the point of Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

KLeeNwater, a joint venture between Environmental Energy Services and ProChem, Inc, provides total water management solutions to the power generation market. KLeeNwater designs, fabricates, installs and operates water treatment systems custom tailored to address specific plant water recovery or disposal requirements.  Through the selective application of both physical and chemical water treatment techniques, KLeeNwater enables power plants to treat and recycle wastewaters for re-use or minimize discharge wastewater to the point of Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD).  KLeeNwater solutions are very effective in removing contaminants including arsenic, nitrates, selenium, bromides, chlorides and total suspended solids, many of which are called out in the USEPA Coal Combustion Residual (CCR) and Effluent Limitation Guidelines (ELG).

KLeenWater offers a full array of water treatment process equipment and systems that can be designed and integrated in accordance with the specific water treatment application.    Major equipment and systems routinely installed in power plants include:

Conventional precipitation systems Coagulant or Polymer additions
Reaction Tanks and Clarifiers Reagent mixing and solids settling
Metaloc Ion-Exchange Systems (column only) Removal of mono- and di-valent cations (Na+) (K+) (Ca++) (Mg++)   and anions (chlorides, sulfates)
OWS Membrane Oil/Water Separation
I-MICRO Industrial Microfiltration Membranes remove suspended solids and oil and grease
I-UF Industrial Ultrafiltration Membranes remove colloidal materials
I-PRO Industrial Reverse Osmosis Membranes remove dissolved solids
B-PRO Further removal of dissolved solids from Brackish Water using Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Major Power Industry Applications for KLeeNwater

Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) Power Plants

Water requirements within CCGT plants include high purity make-up water to the heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), water for injection into combustion turbines for power augmentation or NOx control, and make-up water for combustion turbine evaporative coolers, fogging systems, and cooling towers.  Of these water service requirements, cooling towers present the major impact on make-up water usage and wastewater discharge.

As make-up water sources are highly variable and can include graywater or low quality groundwater, high levels of suspended solids, copper, and zinc are challenges that are readily addressed with effective pre-treatment followed by KLeenWater I-MICRO and I-PRO membrane processes.  Combining these processes with brine crystallization results in total water re-use ZLD solution and shown below:

KLeeNwater is a total water re-use ZLD solutionCoal Fired Power Plants Utilizing Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD)

In addition to the EPA’s ELG rules, coal fired plants also have to comply with the Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) rules which will lead to pond closures, wet to dry bottom ash conversions and a need for water reuse or Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD).  The final rule requires, among other things, ZLD for bottom ash and fly ash, and physical/chemical plus biological treatment for FGD scrubber wastewater. KLeeNwater advanced pre-treatment chemistry coupled with IPRO (shown below) allows customers to replace the need for complicated biological systems and ensures a very small component of the influent will be left to evaporate or solidify and complete Se and heavy metals removal. KLeeNwater allows for the reuse of closed loop bottom ash purge flows in the FGD.

KLeeNwater advanced pre-treatment chemistry + IPRO ensures complete Se & heavy metals removal.Key Benefits of KLeeNwater for Coal Facilities

  • Load cycling is not a problem – System can be shut off and on without issues
  • Capable of managing varying fuel sources – The I-PRO treatment technology treats varied fuel sources with no impact on the quality of treated water
  • Meets current ELG regulations – Capable of meeting voluntary BAT limits
  • Significant reductions in chlorides, bromides, sulfates, boron, metals, and all forms of selenium for local permitting

With KLeenWater, your plant can achieve 100% ZLD for the fraction of the capital investment for more traditional ZLD systems.

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